Diego Sánchez

Senior Architect

KMA Design Group (Costa Rica)


Diego is a Senior Architect at KMA Design Costa Rica. He joined the company in 2014 as a Landscape Designer with KMA Design’s affiliate company Marten Landscape.

He has since worked his way up to Senior Architect at KMA Design and has been an integral part of many of our projects. Diego graduated from the Universidad Veritas Architecture School in Costa Rica where he completed his thesis project around the design for an intermodal transit terminal. His thesis at University earned him an honorable mention at the University for it’s socially focused design and complexity.

 At KMA Design, Diego brings a strong conceptual and technical architectural ability to the team. He is adept at managing complex projects and has a strong passion for designing with the environment and nature.

Diego is currently leading a number of local projects in Costa Rica and the conceptual designs for our international projects in Canada. As well he has been leading the efforts on the prototype projects that KMA Design Work is doing. One of his latest accomplishments is being the leading senior architect on the design team for the Upcycled Shipping Container project Ebi Asseri.

Education: Architecture – Universidad Veritas, C.R.

Hobbies: Outdoor workouts and training, sketching, traveling and going to the beach.