Katia Marten Herrero

President and Founder KMA Designs

KMA Design Group (Costa Rica) and KMD Group (Canada)


Katia is the President and CEO of KMA Design Group (Architecture firm based in Costa Rica) and KMD Group (Property development firm based in Canada). Katia’s extensive career has been formed through a time period of over 33 years. She brings considerable expertise in various aspects of the field and is renowned for her unique and compelling style, whereby her practice builds upon the connection between nature and creativity, and this is manifested in her work.

Apart from her architecture work, Katia is passionate about making positive contributions to humanity. She is very active in the charitable and non-profit sectors including being the founder of the organization World Hug Group and the co-founder of Fundacion Gente. She supports a number of charities such as the Canadian Charity Boost. Katia and her firm KMA Design Group have also been involved in pro bono architectural projects including the upgrading project for the Virgen de Los Angeles in Costa Rica.

Nature walks in the forest or on the beach are some of her favourite pastimes. In her free time you can also catch her discovering new restaurants wherever she goes.

Katia practices energy training through martial arts including Qigong and Tai Chi Chuan. 

She credits these in allowing her to handle her busy schedule.

ArchitectureUniversidad Autónoma de Centro América

Hobbies: Philanthropy, Kung fu, Tai Chi, Tennis, nature walks in the rouge.