Kenneth López

Design Workshop Manager

KMA Design Group (Costa Rica)


Kenneth is an Architect with KMA Design Group. He graduated from the School of Architecture at the Hispanic-American University in Costa Rica. There he excelled academically and developed a strong background in design. His thesis at University was focused on highlighting the diversity of the cultural groups in Costa Rica including the indiginous people of the country. He did this by developing an idea for a “Center for the Integration of Culture” that would be a place where explains about inclusion of the indigenous Costa Rican ethnic groups is highlighted. 


Kenneth is passionate about the design process. His skills allow him to work on projects from the conceptualization phase up to construction.  He is passionate about education and is always in search of gaining knowledge. At KMA Design, Kenneth plays an important role in ensuring that projects are of high quality remain within deadlines. 

Kenneth is currently working on the KMA design team to ensure that projects remain within the deadlines, with a high quality detail and a pleasant aesthetic.

Education: Architecture: Hispanic-American University of Costa Rica.

Hobbies: Playing basketball, going to the beach, camping in the mountains, exploring new places,  art, photography.