The composition of the five elements and
the integration of the environment.

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Project details

Casa Cajun

The concept of Casa Cajun was to build a house around an existing tree. As the tree was planted by the client’s grandmother and had great sentimental value, we decided to situate it at the center of the courtyard and have the structure symbolically “hug the tree”. The courtyard became the heart of the house and articulated the different parts of the surrounding building. Another striking feature of the house is it’s perforated Cajun Red Wall, that creates a connection from the courtyard to the more private areas of the residence. We chose the color red because it emits the feeling of energy, and we wanted to create a space that was lively in its essence.

  • Date : 2009-2010
  • Area : 711 m2
  • Location : Santa Ana, San José, C.R.